Living Up The Weekend

Whether you're going out, staying in, waking up from your Saturday lie-in or just doing your thing, relax into the weekend in the company of your friendly student radio station. Living Up the Weekend is not just a radio show: it is a way of life.

Revel in the glory of the weekend alongside some great music, chat and general light entertainment. Delve into a healthy dose of interaction, a star guest or two, a delightful variety of CHOOOONS, and lively features. The Quiz returns, ignominious as ever (ask yourself what is a cattaglotism), as does Now: What? our weekly celebration of the musical and cultural institutions that are the Now That's What I Call Music compilation albums.

Speaking of variety, at 12:51pm (or the nearest we can) it's RaW O'Clock where we Choose The Cheese and bask in nostaglia, whilst our Record of the Week showcases the best in recent releases.

You are always more than welcome to send in shout-outs, requests, or tell the world how you are 'Living Up your Weekend' (see in and amongst a bell from the 'Yes-No Game'.

With your favourite (and the only) enthusiastic-second-year-economics-student-come-presenter-from-Devon, let this award-winning show launch you into the merriment that is, and can only be descirbed, as the weekend!


Contact the show:

Head over to to directly message the studio, but do investigate (and like) our Facebook page via, whilst you can always send a cheeky tweet @PhillipStoneman #LivingUptheWeekend.

For everything else, feel free to email and we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Past Shows

  • 15/03/14 - Saturday, Week 10, 12pm-2pm
  • 08/03/14 - Saturday, Week 9, 12pm-2pm
  • 01/03/14 - Saturday, Week 8, 12pm-2pm

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