Stay Woke

"Wake up, sheeple." - Gandhi. The global landscape is changing; a talking toupé sits in the White House, Bradley Walsh is releasing top ten albums, and Spurs are suddenly worryingly good at football. But hope exists; Kendrick is still dropping truth bombs, Freddy Flintoff is realising the injustices of football ticket prices, and Luke Skywalker is back on the silver screen. Stay Woke aims to shoot down the bull and feature the gold, all alongside the bangers and the tunes we all deserve to have in our ear holes.

Past Shows

  • 29/05/17 - Monday, Week 6, 11am-12pm
  • 22/05/17 - Monday, Week 5, 11am-12pm
  • 15/05/17 - Monday, Week 4, 11am-12pm

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