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Krone cable is the common name given to KSM Series multi-pair cable used within the Krone System. It consists of a series of pairs of cables, all shielded with an overall foil shield within the cable sheath. Krone cable can be found with a variety of different numbers of pairs, ranging from 5 pairs to 50 pairs.

Krone cable uses a distinctive colour-coding system to identify pairs of cables. Each pair of cables comprises a solid-coloured cable ("primary"), and a banded-coloured cable ("secondary"). The solid-coloured cable can take any of five colours (blue, orange, green, brown, grey), and the banded-coloured cable has the pair's corresponding solid colour and a banded colour common to all the pairs within a group of five (white, red, black, yellow, violet). Thus, pairs are organised into groups of five by their banded colour.

The pairs within a Krone cable are twisted together, so that the primaries can be identified with their corresponding secondaries. It is very important to keep the pairs twisted together unless it is absolutely necessary to separate them. If pairs are untwisted and separated, it becomes very easy to mix two pairs up (for example, connecting the blue from pair 1 with the blue-red from pair 2, and the blue from pair 2 with the blue-white from pair 1).

The first 50 pairs of Krone cable are coloured in the following sequence:

# Solid-Coloured ("A-Core") Banded-Coloured ("B-Core")
1 Blue Blue-White
2 Orange Orange-White
3 Green Green-White
4 Brown Brown-White
5 Grey Grey-White
6 Blue Blue-Red
7 Orange Orange-Red
8 Green Green-Red
9 Brown Brown-Red
10 Grey Grey-Red
11 Blue Blue-Black
12 Orange Orange-Black
13 Green Green-Black
14 Brown Brown-Black
15 Grey Grey-Black
16 Blue Blue-Yellow
17 Orange Orange-Yellow
18 Green Green-Yellow
19 Brown Brown-Yellow
20 Grey Grey-Yellow
21 Blue Blue-Violet
22 Orange Orange-Violet
23 Green Green-Violet
24 Brown Brown-Violet
25 Grey Grey-Violet
26 Blue-White White
27 Orange-White White
28 Green-White White
29 Brown-White White
30 Grey-White White
31 Blue-White Red-White
32 Orange-White Red-White
33 Green-White Red-White
34 Brown-White Red-White
35 Grey-White Red-White
36 Blue-White Black-White
37 Orange-White Black-White
38 Green-White Black-White
39 Brown-White Black-White
40 Grey-White Black-White
41 Blue-White Yellow-White
42 Orange-White Yellow-White
43 Green-White Yellow-White
44 Brown-White Yellow-White
45 Grey-White Yellow-White
46 Blue-White Violet-White
47 Orange-White Violet-White
48 Green-White Violet-White
49 Brown-White Violet-White
50 Grey-White Violet-White

References - See "KSM, BSM Series"

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